March 23, 2010

Update #445

Celebrating: A moment in History... the signing of the health reform bill for almost all citizens of the USA! Finally, like every other 1st world nation on the planet, Americans will now know what it's like to live without the fear of financial ruin hanging over their heads. President Obama finally worked the miracle that has eluded every other President for a century.

This will be a huge break for freelancers, who always get the short end of the insurance stick and currently get raked over the coals by insurance companies. I know many illustrators who have to pay $1200 a month just for disaster coverage... and they still pay the first $2000 out of pocket!

Watching: Some lovely movies.... 'The Cave of the Yellow Dog' directed by a young Mongolian woman filmaker from Germany.
Actually she's Mongolian... but grew up in Germany. It's filmed in the wilds of the Mongolian plateau... breathtaking. This movie is so wonderful. Her other movie, 'The Story of the Weeping Camel' was equally magical and wonderful.

Also watching: 'Little Dorrit'... the 4 disk DVD epic. That Dickens was such a genius... who else can create characters like that? The production is amazing.

Reading: A book about Walt Disney. It is fascinating to see the financial wheeling & dealings he had to risk to just stay in business. I think he was really more of a producer, dreamer and director, rather than an artist. I know I would never have the stomach for the risks he had to take to succeed.

Drawing: Happily drawing a collection of anthropomorphic creatures...

Listening: A classic bluegrass tune... 'Sally Gooding'

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