March 4, 2010

Update #221

I've been puttering away on a delightful new book idea after coming down with a fairly bad case of 'dummy fever'.

Dummy fever is where one can't simply cannot stop fiddling away at drawing, scanning, writing and playing around in Photoshop and Indesign.

to the plaintive song of the returning robins. To hear their song on a dark winter's morning truly seems miraculous and unexpected.

waiting: The eternal wait for 2 different publishers to get back to me... so it goes.

dreaming: About getting a Mac Pro and CS 5 (due out in April). I think that'd cost just about exactly as much as a 5 day trip to NYC. Actually the trip would probably cost more.

excited: I got a very exciting email the other day from a well known PBS TV show. They were curious about my last book and are thinking they'd like to possibly use some graphic bits on one of their new programs. Of course I'd be thrilled - it would be priceless publicity.

But it's not certain if it actually will make it past the cutting room floor as they say in Hollywood. In any event, such exciting things rarely happen around the dusty old studio.

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J. E. Morris said...

Good luck with the PBS thing that's very exciting!