December 19, 2008

Snowed in for the holidays...

This global warming is really something. All it's lacking is the 'warming' part, as our town sets a new record in low temperatures. It's snowing all across the nation I understand. And it's not even winter yet!

Here's my new studio chair. My drafting chair broke. It needs to be welded, so I had to improvise. But in the meantime I have painting that needs to be done! This solution looks a little perilous... but actually it's just fine, as long as I move very carefully.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

A few cold weather facts:

* Wearing long johns underneath corduroys takes some getting used to. I keep feeling like I'm in a Shakespeare play or something.

* Reindeer have fur on their noses! Imagine that! I saw a reindeer at the xmas tree farm. They are magical looking animals.

* Masking tape attached to Polartec is almost impossible to remove.