December 3, 2008

Dreams & mice & the middle of the night...

It was the middle of the night.

I was in the middle of a very odd dream.

I dreamed I was on the rooftop somewhere in Italy. It was an ancient building made of stone with ornate ironwork and a cobbled sort of roof. I was successfully climbing down from the great height of the roof and had just managed to barely make it to the street by climbing down a lattice of ironwork... and finally stepping onto the hat of some character below.

Then suddenly (in real life) I hear a scurrying somewhere in the house. It must have been a mouse. It had to be a mouse. Maybe it was a roof rat! Gulp.

My brain changed gear... making the painful transition from the weird dream to the scurrying noise. My mind began clicking over all the possibilities. A whole new set of problems presented itself. Such is life... filled with problems. The transition from one mind to another is always a shock.

Eventually I fell back asleep. Dreaming is preferable to being half awake in the middle of the night and thinking about a mouse.

I do have the family mouse-catcher. But one can't count on my cat to catch any mouse.

Being deaf, she couldn't hear it. Being elderly, she's too bored to think about it. A mouse would have to run directly over her nose to get her attention.


June said...

So... is this image the resulting solution to a mouse on the roof?
A giant blue cat on my roof would certainly give me nightmares :o)
I wish you Sweet Dreams for tonight John.

natural attrill said...

Heeheee! your poor old cat, I wonder if she was more alert in her youth.
We have a young cat, he attacks tissue boxes, find bits all over the place!

Nancy said...

Don't you just love cats. They are so fun. My cat is 2 years old, and makes me laugh. I hope the mouse runs right over her nose so the noise will end.