December 14, 2008



Yes, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. That's all very nice, except for the cold, I think.

I suppose there's no real counterpart to the cold in thinking about the summer heat. But today it seems like a paradise lost . I find myself watching movies set in Australia, PBS shows about the pyramids... anything hot, sunny, sandy and dry.

Well at least the Holiday cards are printed and mailed. 

We saw two eagles by the lake today. I captured both of them in one photo.  What luck!

I don't know how the hummingbirds manage to survive this cold. But they do. I worry a lot about them, and take their feeders in late at night and get up at 5 am to put them back out. 

Meanwhile, the relentless Xmas deadline ticks away... tick, tock, tick, tock. I think it's hard to have a holiday deadline coincide with a picture-book deadline. Yuck. Thank GOSH for internet shopping!

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June said...

I felt chilly just reading your blog! And now I want to eat some chocolate too... and we don't have any either :o(

The cards look fun John... I still haven't done any!!!!!