June 8, 2008

Some recent endeavors...

Well it's raining again, and here I am again typing away to nearly no one... that's what bloggers do I suppose.

My goodness, but I have been busy! Maybe it's the continuing winter weather (in June!) that has me so busy. Or maybe it's the extra energy from that new weight loss program. Just about 5 pounds from from my college weight now. Fruit & Fear... that's what makes for weight loss... along with sensible eating.

I've been busy finishing up the interior art to my new book... which is good to have mostly done! Whew... I thought it might take forever. But now I've burned a half dozen DVD's as backup... so even if someone steals my computer, it will still be intact. Replacing the PowerMac would be easy by comparison.

And I've been churning out new book ideas... with a few nibbles here and there. I'm also nearly ready to send off a mail shot to publishers... that's always something that needs doing.

And I'm thinking of redoing my blog, to include it into my website... so it's just part of the whole schtick. I notice lots of artists doing that now. That'd probably just be an art blog... so I'd most likely keep posting pictures of birds & ponds anyhow.

My jogging is progressing very well... getting up to about a mile. Well that's good for me! The irrepressible sense of well being is addictive.

I've been reading some wonderful books. I like obscure books that no one else ever reads. Lately I've been into Victorian gardening... Dinosaurs out west... Histories of Colorado... and Beverly Nichols.

Here's some artwork from my recent endeavors...


p.s. The weather continues an unbelievable winterlike chill... constant rain for days on end. The furnace is running, winter coats & hats are a must. No springlike breaks at all... just endless grey & rain. They're even writing headlines in the newspaper about this weather! And autumn begins in just 6 weeks!

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Sam said...

It sounds like a miserable spring. Sounds like ours, in fact. Yesterday and today it held off raining, and it was fairly nice - but not the hot, sunny weather you'd expect.
Love the new drawings!!!!