May 25, 2008

Summery Things

Such amazing flowers... a perfect design.

The water lilies are finally out and the yellow iris is blooming.  It feels just like the Wind in the Willows around here.

Mr. Heron is hunting the pond... well stocked with turtles.

The redwing sings from the tree tops.  Their red wings almost look neon during the mating season.

These leaves hold the rain like jewels.  Since we've had another day without the furnace on, it might actually be summer setting in.  The longest day of the year is a scant 4 weeks away... so it's about time!


June said...

A beautiful glimpse of your flora and fauna. I have never seen a Red Wing, it looks a beauty.

Sam said...

Lovely photos. You have the artist's eye for capturing an image!

It is not suite summer here. I put on a tee shirt, but think I will go upstairs and get a sweater now!