June 26, 2008

Summertime... and the livin' is easy

Here's a few humble snaps from moi.
I liked how the composition of this landscape came out... the pathway & the curve of the clouds. Maybe I'll work up the gumption to paint it sometime. (as a starving artist ought to do)

Now here we're not starving at all. It's strawberry time again!
I've put up three half flats... or about 18 baskets worth in the freezer. They're only $1 a basket if you buy two half flats. And they're the best berries of the year... just like sugar.  I discovered that nothing else improves the flavor of non-sugared oatmeal quite like strawberries.

And my new favorite flower... peonies. It's decidedly sensual.  It's got the most amazing scent... tones reminiscent of ink from a ballpoint pen.

It's very nice.

I'll be going to the beach soon... maybe I'll find a few good snapshots there.

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