November 6, 2007

Ring, Ring... Don't Ring!

Ring, Ring... Don't Ring!

That's the freelancer's dilemma. When you're busy, the last thing anyone wants is one more call. When you're not busy, the telephone starts growing cobwebs and assumes the timeless pose of the Sphinx.

The problem is, there's only one of me... I'm the bottleneck in the workflow. Lately I've been working so hard my whole arm & hand ache... shoulder pains, fingers aching... you name it. All from just pushing a pencil around for hours every day.

So at this point I'm thinking definitely 'Don't Ring!'... but of course things can change so quickly.

The photos are the work of the local artists who lived in the rich rain forests of the Northwest 150 years ago. I suppose instead of just deadlines they had things like grizzly bears and cougars and marauding tribes to contend with.

Their carvings are amazing... along with their weaving, baskets, carved ivory, beadwork and all.

They lived in giant cedar houses with totem poles near the entrance... and each family had their own little room around the edges of the communal lodge.

Of course there was a fireplace in the center... must have been something living like that.
There's a gorgeous museum up in Vancouver that really does their artwork justice.


ChatRabbit said...

I LOVE the totem photos, John- so cool.
I have for years wanted to carve my own totem pole.
I have the wood, the tools, the ideas...
now if only the #@*&^ phone would stop ringing!!
Hehehe, yeah it's a mixed blessing...

Sam said...

totem poles are soo cool. I love them too.
I'd love to see the traditional lodge too. Sounds very economical and sensible. (and maybe a bit

Cathy said...

There's a most fantastic totem pole in the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford (UK), but I'd much rather see these works of art in their original environment!