November 29, 2007

A little ART film...

I know my blogging has fallen off of late... what can I do? I'm out of ideas! Yes, the bottomless pit has run dry.

Although I'd like to claim it's because my inner soul is trying to hibernate, I can only make feeble excuses. But here's just what you've been waiting for... an ART film!

I've been playing around with iMovie and my ancient Oympus Camera, which really isn't much of a movie making device. But it's mostly just for fun.

My only hope is that the viewer won't fall asleep halfway though. It was filmed down at the Montlake Fill, a wild place that used to be a dump, but now it's like a place in the country, even though it's quite nearby. And it's filled with wildlife... amazing birds & critters of every sort..

red tailed hawks,
harrier hawks,
bald eages,
golden eagles,
canada geese,
downy woodpeckers,
wood ducks,
virginia rails,
blue winged teals,
box turtles,
soft shelled turtles,
and giant great blue herons....

And crows, of course... lots of crows.

(actually I do have some new ideas... but like they say, Bees make honey in the dark)


Mark Monlux said...

Having watched your art film I thought would comments on the director purposeful use of consistently panning the camera from left to right, and never from right to left, unless it's to follow a ducky or something. Simply Majestic.

John Nez said...

Glad you made it through to the end.
Yes that left to right panning was a trivle irritating. I think that's part of the 'cinematic torture' that film directors are allowed to inflict.

The crows were nice though...


Bob said...

Nice work whats the sound track? is it from Madame butterfly?

Paula Pertile said...

Neato John. I especially love the birdies.

John Nez said...

The music is from Richard Strauss...

I think it's one of 'The Last Four Songs'... which he wrote near the end of his life. Just right for an art film... dark & melodramatic.


PG said...

Blimey, that was simply lovely John, I sooo enjoyed that, beautiful colours, and wonderful scenery.