November 25, 2007

Out & About... Looking at Art!

It's time to be out and about! Gallery hopping with my brother Dave, who is a fine artist. These are some of the steep downtown hills. Seattle's downtown was built directly on an earthquake escarpment, hence the sudden change of altitude.

A downtown waterfall! How unexpected...

Finally, some Art. Let's give it a proper look now... very interesting!

Better and better! I luv it!

This is good too! I'd have never thought of that.

And finally a Museum exhibit. Something to think about... well I guess it's home to my acrylics for me.


Cowboys & Custard said...

Hi John
So nice to see that the sun was shining somewhere in the world yesterday.
I love the spanish miceroni... just my kind of thing!
Kitschy but surreal !


Cowboys & Custard said...
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calderwoodbooks said...

Lovely walk - lots of great things to see - thanks for sharing!
Loved the waterfall -
It is unexpected!