November 2, 2007

My bike ride...

The choice is simple in this line of work... excercise or die!

I choose bike riding & walking... an amiable mix. It accomadates both excercise, scenery and utility in doing errands. And it's heaven to get out of the studio after being trapped all day long pushing around pencils, erasers and wacoms.

First I go down a big hill and a mile along this bike trail...

Then go up a big hill to arrive at this fountain reminiscent of Rome... where I meditate on all of life's travails.

The outlook is classic. Faux Elizabethan mixed with an english country church. Is that Notre Dame in the distance?

A little political strife livens up the forum...

And a final bit of relaxation in a sequestered courtyard... so that's why I like my bike ride.

Nothing quite so nice as the wind in one's face, zipping along at speed, getting along somewhere.
The best way to get errands done too... getting all the frustrations of driving out by zipping
through red lights, cutting corners, sneaking up on sidewalks, going the wrong way on streets,
and generally being a rule-breaking-traffic guerilla.

It's the ideal form of excercise, since it's so much fun it requires little in the way of will power.


Sam said...

Lovely place to ride a bike!
It is more fun than taking the car. The political strife is funny - why just Cheney? Why not the whole bunch?

John Nez said...

Well if you don't start with Cheney, then he'd become President Cheney after Bush was impeached!


bob mullen said...

Lovely photos, it looks so English over there.

John Nez said...

I understand it's a similar maritime climate... lots of mosses, ferns and the like. We do get 40 inches of rain a year.. so I think England is probably actually sunnier, if you can believe it!


Chris.P said...

Great images John, they inspire me to get out and about a bit more;¬)

Paige Keiser said...

John,now just look what you did. My birthday has arrived and guess what I got. A brand new bike. Your photos reignited my long-time wish for a good bike-- sooooo happy :-D Do you look as dorky in a bike helmet as I do? lol