May 8, 2012

Long live Mickey & Max!

Long live Mickey & Max!

I got to spend my only quarter at Parsons in Maurice's class. Looking back, it was probably the high point of my little career as a book illustrator, in the sense that I got to be amongst giants.

I remember being so nervous showing Maurice my work.  I showed him my two dummy books I'd done to date. He liked the one about Dr. Dabbleduck, the hamster who wanted everyone to eat pancakes three times a day. I was nervous... he said, "Relax, I'm just an old man with a beard".  I remember being struck by the 'rich' language... well salted with choice explicatives. 

Another time the class got a sneak peek at the pencil dummy to 'Outside Over There'. It was exquisite.  I said 'It looks like an opera!', which Maurice really liked, since he was so obsessed with Mozart and music.  It was raining cats & dogs so I lent Maurice a plastic bag to safeguard the original pencils (which are probably worth about $300k no doubt). All his art goes directly to the Rosenburg museum in Philadelphia.

Maurice was thrilled when I told him I was dropping out of art school (already after just 1 quarter) and had already started freelancing. He was always very helpful giving his students names of editors to call and generally helping with real life problems that none of the other teachers ever bothered with. 

My regret is that I had a mid-term final on the one day Maurice invited some of us to lunch. I should have gone.
Maurice certainly made my life a richer one... in spirit.

I blogged about it all years ago...

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