May 12, 2012

A super school visit...

I had a marvelous time doing a school visit at the Norman Rockwell School in Redmond.  It was lots of fun being able to run my movies and slideshows off the giant 'smart screen' bulletin boards they have.

I got lost trying to find the location.  I finally found a gas station, where no one had ever heard of the school or the street and no one even knew where the main arterial was.  And they all live there!

But the classes were a big hit.  So much fun!  I made up about 8 movies and 3 Powerpoint slideshows, one of them with a geography quiz about Washington State - from my new book about Washington.

It's funny how each class is like a different audience... laughing at different spots in the 'material.

One of my teachers at the Parsons School of Design was Peter Rockwell... (or maybe it was David).  He was a classy old duffer with a pork pie hat and a quiet studious manner.  I think it could be fun to be a teacher.  It certainly is a nice change of pace to get out of the studio.

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