April 24, 2012

I'll have mine with mustard please!

More art... with the background fading into the silhouette foreground. I can't resist a good textured brush in photoshop.

It's done with a wacom actually... and a pencil. 5mm 3B leads... never need sharpening.  The textures are both painted, scanned and photographed. The background began life as a photo of a concrete wall.  That's part of the fun of digital... it's very much an editorial process of choosing components.

I heard of one artist who scanned in sliced ham for texture. Of course it's all in the processing after it's scanned. I'll have that with mustard please!

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Elizabeth Mudd said...

I am totally in Love with both of these pictures. The textures in the second are amazing & the vibrant colors in the first make my eyes widen like a child's. It is def. a "tea" party I would love to attend, but not one I'd like to clean up after.