November 11, 2011

Things I like are...

Things I like are:
  Bike ride down the Burke Gilman trail with ipod blasting, then walk back up hill.
  Go to an art gallery... on the free day the the Seattle Art Museum.
  Go to a new cafe and draw caricatures of people and write scraps of stories.
  Do NOT go to children's book stores!
  Discover a new french movie at the library.
  Find an antique children's book in the thrift store.
  Try out a new set of digital organic paint brushes.
  Find a new shirt to wear in the thrift store... (avoid looking in the mirror if at all possible!)
  Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade to remind me of New York.


Stacy Curtis said...

Those are good things to like!

John Nez said...

And watch a favorite movie... like 'Carnival of Souls'. lol! (filmed in Salt Lake City, of course)

Wade Brandis said...

Do not go to children's book stores? What for?

John Nez said...

Going to visit a children's bookstore when one is already questioning one's own self worth as an artist is not a good idea! Many artists have this experience.