November 10, 2011

The end of the 28 word picture-book?

Brilliant! Might this mean the end of the 28 word picture-book?

I agree with all of the sentiments expressed.
I'm so tired of books being 'dummed down' so they really are just like a joke. I remember bringing home those 28 word books from the library for my children and just tossing them aside after one reading thinking 'not much to that one, was there?'.

And as the writer says so well, who wants to listen to a joke more than once? It is interesting how the book buyers still flock to the classics. Maybe the publishers will follow along?

Sort of like how politicians just follow along behind the public.


Anonymous said...

there's less than 28 words in the last post here

Wade Brandis said...

I think I read a picture book myself that has around 28-words, maybe less. "My Friend Rabbit" by Eric Rohmann. It's a good lighthearted story with good illustrations. How did I get introduced to it? By watching the animated TV series the book was based off of. :)