November 29, 2011

Pike Place Market

It's time once again for some shameless holiday promotion art. Today we're at Seattle's famous Pike Place Market, a bustling and busy scene that was challenging to fit into a single illustration spread.  Street musicians, farmers, tourists, seafood, artisans and street people.  Not sure I fit it all in but I tried.

One problem was the fish tossing scene, since the practice of tossing fish had been in the headlines from an animal rights group, I was worried it might not be P.C. (politically correct).  But after doing some on-site research with the fishmongers themselves, my worries were dispelled.  They continue to fly fish happily across the counters to the delight of the tourists.

The world's first Starbucks is in Pike Place Market.  I used to go there when I first moved to Seattle, and the store hasn't changed at all since then.  Usually there's a good jug band entertaining.  


Em said...

Your pictures are so detailed! How many hours a day do you devote to illustrating? I was looking at the Highlights website & saw some cover art that resembled your work & wondered if it was yours? (Happy Birthday High Five w/ 3 kids surrounding a b-day cake)

John Nez said...

Hi Em,

I spend about 5 or 6 hours a day making pictures I guess. I think that's the first requirement for anyone thinking about becoming an illustrator or painter... just that you must love doing it all day.

I also spend about 3 hours a day just doing busy work of all the other chores of making freelancing work.

Yes, I'm doing a new Highlights cover... so that was probably mine.


Em said...

Congrats, and Thank You!!