May 26, 2011

My very first all digital book..

My very first all digital book... 'The Smile Shop', written by Joy Cowley. I did it way back in 1999, on my Powercomputing Mac clone. I think it had a 2 GB HDD.

My very first digital book

I think its got some nice pages and the design was fun. I remember how I first drew the shapes on paper, then scanned and converted it into an Illustrator vector file. Then finished it in Photoshop.

The colors still look deep and fresh... probably the lack of any line helps. I think I sent it in on a Iomega zip disk.


June said...

This is fun to see John! It is quite different, but still smacks of your illustration style :o)

John Nez said...

Thanks, June! I remember how fun it was to figure out how all the patterns and textures first worked.

I'll have to get back to that style some day.