May 30, 2011

Goodbye Kitty

My jellicle kitty meowed her last today. She was the best cat ever, as they say. She had a fabulous long life, so it came as no surprise.

She was a true gift to us all since she was our family cat. We chose her from the pet store 19 years ago and I remember it like yesterday. My boys were in just starting school so there was a lot of life we shared. School trips, pet's day, birthday parties, christmas trees and everyday life.

She had a great life... sharing summer gardens and Halloween nights. She never failed to amuse us hopping down snowy steps on a winter morning. Like any cat, she always had to be in the middle of every thing... when she wasn't busy sleeping.

She was deaf for the last 4 years, but she coped with that by just meowing louder. She was active up until today, in fact... a remarkable life.

Over the years I painted her picture in books and magazines. When I think about how long she's been in our family it about makes me cry. All the things lost to time.

Now she's fast asleep beneath a big lovely rock in the back garden where she liked to curl up on hot summer afternoons.

I'll have to write up some of the stories she inspired from our life together.


June said...

Oh John, I am so sorry to read that your kitty has meowed her last meow!
I always imagine her with you in your studio as we have heard such tales about her over the years. Animals become such important members of the family.
I am glad she had such a long and contented, lazy life with you all, and that her passing wasn't an unpleasant lingering one. Do put together some stories about her, or continue to include her in more books.

John Nez said...

Thanks June,

Yes, she was the best family pet anyone could imagine. Luckily she was fairly healthy up until her last day... and never really had to go to the vet once in 19 years.

I still keep waiting to see her on the couch and expect to see her by the front door...