January 3, 2011

Onward & Upward...

Blogger's balk... that's what I've got. Not that it matters one little whit, but a tendency does arise where commitment of thoughts to keyboard seems immaterial.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch I've been busy drawing, drawing, drawing, writing, drawing, erasing, erasing, re-writing, re-drawing, re-drawing and filling the Christmas chore list.

Whew! Glad that's done...

Drinking: just a few last malingering draughts of eggnog remain to see me through to the bright new promise of Spring.

Looking at: HDTV - a regular feast for the eyes! I marvel at the scenes from travel documentaries, movies in exotic locales. It's a low-cost holiday for sure. I'll never pay for cable again...

So far I've enjoyed movies from New Zealand, Africa and the U.K. I think it's already been established that actual travel is beyond the budget of a successful children's book author and illustrator, so why not just enjoy the movies instead?

Way too many scribblings for my own good. It's a self induced conundrum though, and the responsible artist simply cannot help themselves in this regard. Why should we anyhow, it's what we do.

Drawing: Hopefully all sorts of fun stuff! Things too numerous to mention. The mighty new Mac continues to astonish and delight with speed and efficiency.

Onward & Upwards with the Arts!

p.s. Artwork is from the December High Five from Highlights...


Nancy Cote said...

I just love these movie theatre scenes. The compositions are very well though out and make an ordinary subject matter very nice to look at. I admire your characters and the energy of the pieces as well.

John Nez said...

Thanks, Nancy! Such flattery!

I see you're an accomplished bookmaker yourself... so I'm equal parts flattered and amazed that anyone actually looks at my blog!

In looking over your books, I remember seeing your work online recently... and was very impressed. Such beautiful paintings and design!
I imagine it must be wonderful to be a teacher too... and get out of the studio for having classes.

I get out too, but mostly just to buy groceries and bike ride.

Thanks for dropping by.