September 6, 2010

Too many choices!

One problem with digital art is it's hard to pick just one color.

I find even days later it's easy to decide to change everything! In fact if the digital artist sticks around long enough it's possible to completely redo the book entirely.


Susan Miller said...

Aside from picking one color of course is how to apply it. You really have merged the traditional with the digital. Very nice John.

paula said...

So cute, John!

I hear you. It makes me chuckle because I always hear people say how much faster it is to work digitally. Well, not when it becomes so easy to change out colors and backgrounds, etc. One can spend an endless amount of hours tweaking and tweaking ad infinitum. Am I right..? ...Right...? Right...!

John Nez said...

I guess it takes about the same amount of time for me. Some things are quicker.

But the one big difference is that with digital at least you can change things midway without having the heartbreak of starting over. Or the regrets when you change your mind. That was always the very worst part for real paints.

Wade Brandis said...

I like this. :)

Is this going to be for a future book or for a magazine? I'm interested in the story that the pictures are going to go with.

John Nez said...

Hi Wade,

That was from an early reader book... it was fun.