September 30, 2010

Bright colors... red leaves and deep blue skies

Fall is here! The season calls for bright, bright colors... red leaves and deep blue skies.

Brings out the painter in an artist, I think.

Soon I'll be setting up a new computer. I finally bought an older new Mac on ebay. Oh boy! No more waiting... waiting... waiting for files to process. I'll finally be crossing the divide from mac pcc code to Intel mac and 64 bit processing.

Brings out the geek in an artist, I think.

It will be a winter of hiking up the computer learning curve. I hope it's fun...



Susan Miller said...

I really love this illustration. Fall is all those things, good job.

John Nez said...

Oh thanks! It was just a quick experiment to make up something for 'Fall'. I'm glad to hear you like it...