August 1, 2009

A little bit of Paradise...

Lucky me, I actually had an overnight getaway. I'd hesitate to define it as an actual vacation... but one does what one can with just one day. I wished I could have stayed longer, as I gladly abandoned every workaday worry. I guess that's why people take vacations... to escape.

The wildflowers at Mt. Rainier are in full bloom. Avalanche lilies and meadows cover the rolling meadows up to the snowline. It was all quite breathtaking (and cooler than the 103 degree temperatures in Seattle). I took about 500 photos... there is no shortage of wonderful vistas to capture.

This place is called Paradise. Very aptly named. The rustic Paradise Lodge has stood overlooking Mt. Rainier since the 1920's. It is very classic and just soaked with atmosphere.

Being run by the National Park service, the rates are quite inexpensive ($100 a night). The lodge was just renovated, so it's all in tip-top shape after 100 years of wear & tear.

In the winter the snow pack piles up to the second story windows. Some years it snows about 30 feet... or maybe it's 50 feet.

Inside the lodge the 3 story fireplaces were dismantled stone by stone, to be numbered and then rebuilt. It's rare and wonderful that history gets preserved like that.

It really really can seem like a bit of Paradise to go hiking through the meadows with a view of the glaciers and snowy peaks... and then to relax in the lodge.

I'm busy making lots of artwork... but pictures of Paradise are more enticing.


Christiane said...

that place looks amazing! I like those authentic lodges. It's always good to take a break from work, too, always leaves me a bit more focused and relaxed at the same time...

John Nez said...

That's what I need more of... vacations! It took about 2 seconds to totally forget everything else and leave all the worry behind.


Phyllis Harris said...

All I can say is "totally unbelievable!"

John Nez said...

Yes, that's the standard reaction to Mt. Rainier I think... except when it's all fogged in.