August 14, 2009

Grateful for a thumb...

Drawing: Alligators of every ilk. I've developed a fun new technique of coloring that works like digital magic.
Eating: Blueberries, fresh blueberries... topped with every sort of thing
Listening: To old time radio... on my new favorite old time radio station
Recovering: From the 4 stitches in my drawing thumb... OUCH!
Wondering: What to do about some sort of summer vacation...

The really big event of the week was slicing my thumb open on a friggin' cat food lid! I was compressing the garbage by hand to fit into the new midget sized cans and there just happened to be a razor sharp cat food lid hidden there awaiting my fate.

Yeeoowch! I hate it when you're scared to even look to see how bad you've been cut. But a quick glance at the gushing font of liquid crimson combined with the terrifying glimpse of things one doesn't expect to see inside a cut soon convinced me a trip to the emergency room was in order.

My wonderful spouse drove me to the emergency room, which was nearly empty, thank gosh. The doctor, the talented Dr. Lee, turned out to be an accomplished artiste with a needle and syringe. She did an excellent job of tidying up the four stitches required, and with the magic of local anesthetics, I felt next to nothing. (not like the last time I had to have stitches which was 45 minutes of agony).

So... it's always invigorating to be restored to a measure of wellness. Now, except for an over sized band-aid, I'm about 90% back to normal... and darn grateful for it too.

And through all of that I met the deadlines I had waiting for me the next day too.

I think it's ironic that I've been working with skill saws and power drills all summer on the bathroom remodel... and it's the cat food lid that got me in the end!

And another very odd thing is that it finally RAINED in Seattle! After about 3 months with scarcely a drop, the heavens finally opened right in the middle of all this to revive the parched landscape.


Anonymous said...

Liquid sapphire? That's taking 'blue blood' too far! :)

John Nez said...

My mistake! Just shows my ignorance of precious gems.

I have substituted crimson instead... believe me, the color WAS red!


ChatRabbit said...

Jeez- it had to be the drawing hand, too huh? Glad that got fixed up efficiently!

Celeste said...

Liquid rubies, John :)

Sam said...

I hate slicing myself open, lol.

Rubies are the same as sapphires - the difference is only in the color, they are the same mineral. Sapphires come in all colors, but as soon as it's red, it's a ruby.

June said...

I am intrigued... new digital magic colouring technique?

Hope to hear more soon.

Glad they were able to stitch up your thumb nicely. Just reading about it made me feel queasy!

Anonymous said...

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