July 29, 2008

Trumpeting Lillys

What a lucky find to stumble upon these flowers almost by accident yesterday...

The vanilla scent is very nice too.

One suspects these flowers might be guilty of 'overacting'. They really almost are too much! No subtle flowers these. Wouldn't Beverley Nichols have loved this scene?


June said...

I would love to sit at the edge of that bench and breath in the perfume whilst admiring the beauty of those Lilies.

What a place to sit and dream!

John Nez said...

Actually it probably looks better in the photo than in real life. The garden design is very claustrophobic... and not really relaxing.

I guess that's why we make artwork though.... to overcome the limitations of reality.


June said...

Oh dear... now the illusion is shattered!
I shall imagine it as I want it to be - artistic license as you say. :o)

willow said...

I love white lilies.