July 19, 2008

The bookjacket photo challenge...

Yes, it's time once more for that special form of torment known as the 'bookjacket photo'. It's all quite hilarious looking through the photo tryouts... especially once you start critiquing the results. I only wished i could add tag lines...

"Insane artist seeks asylum... looks like he might really need it too"
"Bad hair day again?"
"Hmmm... that sophisticated nonchalance thing didn't quite work..."

I could go on.

"Looks like you've been drinking... but I haven't touched a drop."
"Looks like you could use a little conditioner maybe!"
"Did I mention I cut my own hair?"

Thank gosh for the delete key, that's what I say. At least my transgressions of vanity can all be destroyed in private!

Then some of them are almost okay.. except for that one tuft of hair that pokes out in defiance of everything else.
An on site hair stylist could have been handy.

Whew! What a chore... I'm glad that's done.


June said...

I think he is glad he isn't wearing her specs!

John Nez said...

I might have been better off with a couple glasses of wine...