January 27, 2008

The Mountain & the Moon

Here's Mt. Rainier... some 60 miles distant. It doesn't really seem this imposing in real life, that's just the magic of the 'telephoto lens effect'. Usually in fact, you can't even see the mountain. Even on a clear day, there's too much humidity or clouds in the way to get a view of it.

Still an active volcano, it's gonna go off some day, like it's cousin Mt. St. Helens did back in 1980. It ought to do wonders for real estate values... making the city more affordable once again.

I didn't notice the rowers out in their boats when I took the picture... amazing what a little sunshine will do to motivate people to get out.

And here's the last full moon... the 'Wolf Moon' it's called, as I read somewhere.

The only gear I used for the moon picture was a tripod and the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18.

I had it on maxium optical zoom... at which point (18 times optical) it was somewhat difficult keeping the moon within the camera viewfinder. Being slightly sloshed didn't help much, though it did make sitting on the front porch in the freezing moonlight a bit easier.



Gretel said...

Lovely photos John! Especially the Moon...I have always found taking pics to be quite fun when slightly sloshed, even if the results are a bit iffy sometimes (though not in this case, of course!)

Anonymous said...

Hey I just happened to live in Vancouver Wa when St Helens blew! What an experience and what a mess.

It's great to see pictures of the NW. . .kind of makes me feel like I need to take a trip up there to see old friends.

You take great pictures. . .thanks for sharing

Phyllis Harris said...

John you really have an eye for photography. Your photos are just beautiful! And what an amazing camera to be able to get that shot of the moon in that detail!!

Oh and btw, I have awarded your blog the "You Make My Day Award". To see what that is go to my blog at:

John Nez said...

Thanks ya'll...