January 31, 2008

Flower Children & HTML Gnomes

I wonder if when H.G. Wells wrote 'The Time Machine', whether he was writing about today's world of HTML and the internet?

I was always struck by the two kinds of Future people. There were the surface dwelling Flower Children, who lived lives of blissful simplicity in the sunlit gardens above... carefree and ideal. But their carefree existence was preyed upon by the dark underworld Gnomes... evil creatures who lived via their technology, in an underground world. The evil Gnomes might emerge anytime into the midst of the sunlit paradise, to grab a Flower Child for dinner every now and then.

That's how I see the internet... we internet users, the Flower Children live carefree lives, until one of the HTML beasts rears it's ugly head. I've been wrestling with the Gnomes lately.... trying to transfer my site to a new internet host.

Ah, the Joys of the Gnome underworld of HTML! What Flower Child would not rejoice at the choices that multiply without end? The endless tunnels and complicated choices? Gnomes do not speak regular english after all. They speak HTML... a language laden with evil words such as:

'PleskXHTML to PHP standard Single Domain SSL ns43.domaincontrol.com ns44.domaincontrol.com ns3.secureserver.net ns4.secureserver.net SMTP Setting POP3 Setting MYSQL DATABASE sub-domain CBI-b CBI-a $usertable= $username="your_dbusername"; $password="your_dbpassword"; $dbname="your_dbusername"

More to the point... I myself encountered a Gnome the other day, out in the garden. He had popped up from a hatch beneath an azalea bush. He was plainly sizing me up for lunch. I stared him in the eye. He growled at me and said:

" LxAdmin Host-in-a-box is using lighttpd and djbdns and only consumes 9MB RSS and 15MB memory usage on bootup on the OpenVZ platform. mysql_select_db($dbname);"

Staring him down I replied,

"HyperVM is a multi-tiered, multi-server, multi-virtualization software allowing a VPS vendor to provision, manage and delegate Xen or OpenVZ based Virtual Private Servers. HyperVM also comes integrated with Lxadmin hosting control panel which means that, using HyperVM, the provider can deploy a full fledged web hosting system out-of-the-box. HyperVM also allows users to manage VPS' across multiple servers transparently!"

Usually technology is a Love/Hate thing for me... but some days it's totally Hate/Hate all the way!



June said...

LOL I did that whole transfer thing last year, setting up my own site and a few others into the same host, and I felt totally overwhelmed. There were tears and panic moments!
That GD site is not easy to find your way around... but the price is right.
And if I could manage it (well, so far everything seems to work as it should) then I am sure you will work it all out!

I obviousely need to learn 'tech talk' to scare off the HTML Gnomes.Glad you didn't become Gnome Lunch :¬)

John Nez said...

It's funner being a Flower Child.

The advantage to GoDaddy is that one can host multiple domain named sites on the same ISP space without paying for each one.

So it's easy to have a whole new site for each book one wants to promote... and the domain names are less expensive there too.

June said...

Yep, that is why I went with GoDaddy.