December 24, 2007

Let's go see some salmon!

Here in the Northwest we do love our salmon. Let's go see some! We're off to the 'Locks'. That's where the water from the gigantic freshwater Lake Washington & Lake Union meets the Puget Sound.

Boats and ships of all sorts go through the locks to get to dock. And there's lots of wildlife around too.

Here's a little Kingfisher with polka dot feathers. It's almost impossible to get this close to them anywhere else, as they are so skittish. In March there is a nearby roosting tree where dozens of giant Blue Herons all nest in one tree. It's really quite a sight.

This freshwater is the gateway to many salmon that swim back from their 4 years in the ocean. I guess it's sort of like college for them. They want to return home after 4 years.

I luv this sculpture that is installed here. Usually public sculpture misses the mark, but this one is fabulous.

Fall is the best time to see the salmon. But there's usually some all year round.

It's a mesmerizing sight watching the giant salmon slowly swim past. They're getting acclimatized to the fresh water. Just imagine all the places they've been...


Gordon Fraser said...

Merry Christmas John!!!

all the best from

Merisi said...

So interesting to see where the wild salmon swims back to the old homeland! The Kingfisher is a beautiful beautiful species, I have never seen one alike. Is this a young one of the giant kingfishers?

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year John!

John Nez said...

Just an ordinary Kingfisher I think.

The amazing thing about the Kingfisher family is that they exist around the world... and all seem mostly the same shape & size. Only their feathers are different colors in each part of the world.

Sam said...

What a great psot - and what a great day out. I'd love to see the salmon, and I'm with you about the sculpture. I usually hate public sculptures, but that one is stunning.

Sam said...

Oh - and we have kingfishers too! - they're bright, electric blue and quite spectacular to see.

June said...

That sculpture looks wonderful John.
I always feel sad for the Salmon when they make their final trip home, spawn, then die. They somehow look so sad and tired.
I wonder what amazing adventures they have had during their travels!

We have Kingfishers in the UK too, but they are smallish birds, and have bright shimmering blue plumage.