December 8, 2007

The 'Beret Effect'

Whew! One must wear many hats in this line of work! I am amazed at how much time I seem to spend just scheming... instead of actually just enjoying making art... or writing.

By scheming I mean figuring out the next move in sending around dummy books, writing cover letters, making mailing lists, putting together promotional cards, printing mailing labels, working on one's web site... and probably one of my least favorite hats, changing the domain registrar of one's web server!

That one really bites.

But seeing that its wintertime, I'll talk about some real hats that keep one's head warm. Like my beret.

It's true that there exists a very real phenomenon known as the 'beret effect'. I doubt it's entirely in my imagination.

I have noticed that when one simply switches one's hat from the standard baseball cap to the wintertime beret, people act differently towards you.

Old ladies smile more readily on the sidewalks, as a sign of seasonal cheer.

The women at the grocery store seem to look up when they see a beret go past in the avacado section. And most alarming of all, the lady cashiers seem to grab one's hand and press the change & receipt into one's hand.

It's true... I'm not just making this up.

Of course the men mostly look at you a little funny... sort of like you're a harp playing choreographer. I don't get what the big deal about a beret is. It's not like I have green hair, or umpteen nose rings or tattoos. It's only a little beret.

I suppose it's that people imagine I'm an artist. That must be it.

But they don't have to imagine... I really am one.


Chris.P said...

Does a scout cap count as a beret?

I always found the temptation to throw it like a frisbee to hard to resist:¬)


Paige Keiser said...

I simply can't believe a word you say here unless you post a photo of yourself in a beret. That way you can get a woman's perspective outside of grocery stores. :-D

John Nez said...


Some things are best left to the imagination! And that I have plenty of...


June said...

I'm with Paige, I want to see you in this beret. I bet you actually look really good and romantic in it, which is why you are experiencing different 'attitudes'.

I like seeing hats on men, but can't stand wearing them myself!

Bob said...

Ah but what colour is the said berat.An old Frenchman told me green for Basgue red for communist on a man and for free and easy on a girl, and black for the peasant.

John Nez said...

The beret color? Black for peasant sounds best... but red is good too.

Anyhow, I urge everyone to take the Beret Challenge... and see if it doesn't work for you too.

They make the perfect holiday gift... they're usually only around $10. Very inexpensive... yet stylish!