December 9, 2007

The Artistic Brain vs. the Logic Brain

You know you're probably not working with all cylinders when it takes 3 tries to get the Blogger codes typed in correctly. I suspect that after the second failure, the computer signals to send up the 3rd grade code this time, so the persistent moron (me) can finally get through.

I've been fascinated, of late, by the phenomenon of the artistic brain vs. the logical brain.

Thinking about it, I'm a living example of this basic divide of intelligence.

I flunked college algebra 3 times... but I was at the very top my class in Geometry, where I excelled almost without effort. Although I prefer to forget everything I can remember about flunking college algebra 3 times, I remember with glowing pride how the geometry teacher would call me up to solve the real sticklers.

After all the other poor students had run out of ideas, she'd say "John, will you solve this for us please?". Then I'd waltz up to the blackboard with a prideful smugness to demonstrate how easily the various arcs would intersect to provide the correct solution to the problem.

Hard to believe its the same person who can't do Algebra. But it's good to be good at something. It's just how to make money with the Artistic brain... that's the real stickler.


Nancy Bea said...

Made me smile, because similar to you, Geometry was the only math class in which I ever got an A. Art brain does not in general equal math brain!

Paige Keiser said...

Same here John--I worked my butt off in Algebra to get a C (and that included a tutor.) Then I took geometry (hs) as well as logic in college--and sailed through without a sweat.

Anonymous said...

It Always takes me three tries to get those silly blogger codes right. *sigh* And I was Terrible in geometry and a whizz in algebra - go figure. Loved those twisted algebra equations. For some reason, my dyslexia never bothered me with that!