October 15, 2007

The Country Mouse

There's nothing like a trip to the country to bring out the 'Country Mouse' in me.

Newly cut corn fields are filled with 100's of crows & blackbirds... all making a ruckus.

Blackberry hedges run all along the roads... they're impentrable unless you're a mouse.

Clouds in the river...

An aged & bent old maple tree has seen many a Halloween night.

I always come home and start looking through the real estate ads... until gradually I remember I'm still probably a City Mouse, despite my inklings. But it sure is nice to visit on a sunny autumn afternoon.


tlc illustration said...

Where are you finding this 'country'? I'm always amazed that the farms seem to start up as soon as one crosses outside of King County... I'm always hugely tempted as well. Until I start calculating the driving times to anywhere more 'civilized'... Wish one could have both!

John Nez said...

It's up near Duvall and Carnation. There's that gorgeous river valley that will always remain undeveloped because it tends to flood with 3 feet of water every few years!

But it's very pretty when it's dry. I hear that Paul Newman bought an old dairy farm out there for another one of his 'Hole in the Wall' camps.

Sam said...

What gorgeous pictures!

I'm definitely a country mouse. I lived for a few years in the city (and loved it) but I can't leave the country.

John Nez said...

Ah oui!

But would one trade Monchavet, France for Forks, Washington? I need to move to France to find out!



ChatRabbit said...

You've got a great eye, John!
I like living in the country and taking occasional jaunts into city- it's nice having access to both, actually.