July 5, 2007

Waterfall in the Woods

I decided that thinking about painting & art in general is best done with one's paint brush... and not with one's brain.

This is a very profound realization for me, and hopefully it will spare me many hours of useless cogitation in future. The act of painting is 100 times more rewarding than most hours spent thinking about painting.

Here's some fun little 'ghost' paintings I did over the weekend. I remain very pleased with them... even the next day after they've dried. Even upstairs in the bright light of day.

Very quick to paint... but the paint does most of the talking. Done with rags and cheap bristle brushes. Thus sparing the artist the labor of the details. And it's more of a feeling than actual ideas that goes into them.

I have to admit, that even I was shocked by the scatterbrained process by which they were conceived. Usually I find inspiration mysterious... but these were delightfully put together from the oddest bits and pieces.

Albert Pinkham Ryder was always one of my favorite painters...

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