July 17, 2007

Pike Place Market

We continue our tourist outing to Seattle's Pike Place Market. It's Seattle's version of Disneyland. Great views abound... high over the waterfront.

*Note the dramatic steep hillside upon which downtown Seattle is built. Scientists have recently discovered this is actually an earthquake escarpment, sitting directly over a fault line.

100 years old, the Market is a crowded jumble of shops with everything for sale. All overlooking the blue waters of Elliott Bay.

Fish... very fresh. Some still alive, in fact.

Flowers... 1,000's of bouquets. 1,000's of tourists as well.

And even Art! The painter was on hand, working on his next painting. I thought the paintings were darn good... if just a bit hurried.

In fact there are 100's of quaint & odd little shops that cover three or four levels... and onto Post Alley and beyond. You name it... and it's probably for sale somewhere around about.


ChatRabbit said...

You win, John! Go here:


Erica said...

and you said it always rained in Seattle!
I'd give my eye teeth for a bit of that sunshine, it's not stopped raining here!!


(Miss ArtyPants)


John Nez said...

Strangely, the summers here are usually rain free... and often quite bright.

Then it rains all winter without stop.