July 28, 2007

A Magical Land #1

The departure... fraught with anxieties and 1,000 missing things.

The arrival... or the return should I say to a magical land.

The clouds parted... the stars aligned... the sun actually appeared... to astonish as it will.

Mystical forms appear out of Nature's amazement. Mysteries lie hidden by the shores.

The meeting of the wild forests & ocean.
Nature will not be outdone!


PG said...

Stunning! This landscape really reminds me of the 'Myst' computer games. (That is a Good thing!)

Shennen said...

Ah... did you bring your mountain bike?

Looks like a fun retreat.

John Nez said...

No mountain bikin' for me!

When I'm in the mountains I just sit by the rushing streams and on rocks in the meadows.