April 24, 2007

Planet Earth

A woodland picture... not too far away.

Nature... it just can't be improved upon, try as we might.

Maybe in the beginning everything was as peaceful and whole and fulfilled as a woodland scene like this. But it's all the striving and working and toiling that turns things awry.

I have been watching that fabulous 'Planet Earth' series on TV and really wonder why anyone would think it's worth spending millions to travel to Mars to look for bacteria... when so much life on planet Earth is going extinct.

If only Darwin could have seen the DVD of 'Planet Earth'!


cjhardy said...

Wonderful photo, John. Aren't you even a little tempted to add a fairy or woodland nymph?

John Nez said...

I care not meddle with perfection!

Most likely any woodland nymph might get shot at by the pickup driving locals anyhow.



Sam said...

Love the photo - and LOL about the pickup driving locals!

The demise of the woodland nymph.
"I thought it was some sort of pheasant..."

I'll have to get my hands on 'Planet Earth' - it sounds lovely. Have you seen 'Darwin's Nightmare'?

John Nez said...

'Darwin's Nightmare' sounds interesting. I was just thinking the other day that Darwin's theories need to be extended to account for the global mixing of species that's going on everywhere. That same scenario is going on in the Great Lakes and the Mississippi with introduced species...

And the same thing with plants everywhere, of course.

PG said...

That is surely a rain forest? Looks lovely...quite spooky with those creeper things.

Planet Earth is amazing, I do fear that most people will be content to sit on their backsides and admire the pictures while continuing with lifestyles which wreck the planet...

Or is that too cynical?