October 20, 2006

Undreamt-of in Previous Philosophies


Oh dear... time for the brown paper bag again!

Why? Because sometimes art just gets too exciting for it's own good... that's why. Just breathe into that brown paper bag until one calms down. Making art can be exciting! Sometimes a collusion of unexpected events coalesces to form new possibilities undreamt of in our previous philosophies.

I suppose it's okay when you have those breakthrough moments... but they can be unkind to one's sense of balance and planned out momentum. They just happen on their own and take their own direction. Anyhow, everything fell into place exactly as I had hoped. Ain't that grand when that happens?

Often those months of brooding and unease can be the most productive of all. Though to all outward appearances one might appear to be an idle good for nothing... in fact inside the artistic spirit is metamorphosing into something new... something never before possible... something no conscious effort of the will could have forethought.

The Pig is from a story of mine... as yet unshown to any editor. What do editors matter? He's got nothing to do with my paper bag either. He's just a big Pig... though I still like his story a lot. Knock on wood and all that... Oink! Oink! Oink!


Anonymous said...

Trotters crossed for this porker!
Looks like he is negotiating a deal of his own too.


Kim said...

Amazing description of the inner life going on. Annie LaMotte puts it differently about writing, but ends up by gathering all her thoughts and dilemmas into the admonision to herself to remember to breath, which your paper bag metaphore reminds me of.
Ooops, sidetracked. . .I was dropping by to say I'd mentioned your new book at Seattle Daily Photo and included a link. Hope it brings you some visitors and that your work reaches more folks.

Meg said...

And I'm dropping by to say I found you through Kim's Blog. As an artist/craftsperson I find my idle moments too long, interspursed with depression, but when the confetti hits the fan, it makes me glad to be alive - and for me, those are few and far in between, so I savour every moment, sans the brown paper bag, unashamedly. But I know what you mean, between the planned and the unplanned; I do better with the planned.

John Nez said...

Thanks for dropping by ya'll.

It's good to see that others can relate to the mysterious qualms of creativity.

Mysterious indeed!