October 22, 2006

Feeling Bearish


I knew exactly what was inside that fat envelope on the back steps. It weighed about a pound and it could only be one thing. It was half a dozen issues of the November Ladybug Magazine and I'd been thinking about it lately... wondering how it was going to have turned out.

Anyhow the printed version came out just as I had hoped. I guess it's like waiting for the final results of an experiment... only you have to wait 5 months. This painting involved real pencils, photoshop, the Epson 2200, Arches 140lb CP watercolor paper, real paints & pens & pencils, my Umax scanner and more Photoshop. It sounds complicated, but it's really lots quicker than just plain painting. And with much more control at every step.


Although I generally think it's best to forget any project as soon as it's sent off to the publisher and move on the next... its nice when you're pleased with the final printed version. Especially when you're a Style Hound like me who's dreaming up a whole new style about every 7 days. Hey... it's not my fault... Photoshop and my Scanner made me do it! Those two can be very seductive and persuasive.

Must be this bracing autumnal air that energizes one's imagination. Or maybe it's time to hibernate...



Anonymous said...

John, you get the best packages! I am glad to hear the digi-real experiments are working out in printed form; I am awaiting some samples of my own half-and-half work. Oh, the anticipation...

Anonymous said...

Great that it matched all the colours of your original-digital!

Can there even be such a thing as an original-digital, being that the pixels are changing as we see them?

Liz's 'digi-real' explanation sounds better.

Nice happy spread John.