October 25, 2006



It all started innocently enough with a new idea... (which I got while watching TV of all places). But it turned out really Jazzy!

Now I've finally got some samples of that new inspiration that I mentioned last week.
What are styles? They're like music I think. That'd be a good analogy.

Most of my artwork is quieter and more subtle... woodwinds, violins & violas... an acoustic guitar.

But this new line idea came out all saxophones and trumpets. It's very brassy and unpredictable and Jazzy. Mostly it's the black line that's so strong and works against the bright colors and patterns. The line looks great just all by itself. It occurred to me I ought to try some displaced cubist color blocks behind the line too.


I'll still keep my quiet and charming illustrations... but it's good to improvise and go really wild sometime. Loosening up is hard to do and good for an artist I think.

Jazz is very appropriate for this style, since it's really a reflection of illustration styles from the 1950's.

I think lots of today's styles hearken back directly to the 50's. I'm amazed when I see old 1950's movies on TV that the clothing and hairstyles and glasses all seem so contemporary. It also makes it hard to find a pair of round eyeglass frames in a world of all square styles.



PG said...

I love it! I thought '1950's' as soon as I saw it, it's got that jerky, quirkyness and flat colour which I really like in picture books from that time, and is back in vogue now. Trendsetter!

John Nez said...

So glad you liked it...

LIfe was simpler back then.



Celeste said...

Hi John, long time no see! :¬)
Your monkeys seem to be getting into all sorts of mischief ... I've got a new kitten who is a bit like that!

Lovely work!