March 20, 2017

Book making is odd...

I feel like I've been in the maternity ward, giving birth to my new characters and stories. I had a wonderful time making up a new story with pictures - crafting a dummy.

I used Indesign for all the thumbnail boards and page turns. One does not write and draw so much as one rewrites and redraws I find. I made many dozens of changes - changing names - changing locations - changing page sequences - changing text. But the last thing is to send it away to my agent. Too much fun! I wonder if the world will like my stories as much as I do?

Book making is so odd. Maybe the first drawing arrived years ago - and then got lost in a folder - and was forgotten. But then everything comes together years later. Funny how that works.

So what's the last thing I do when I'm making a new picturebook? The last thing I do is I try to forget it all. Yes, bookmaking is odd...

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Alexandra MacVean said...

"One does not write and draw so much as one rewrites and redraws I find.".....I am SO learning this! I joined 12 x 12 this year to hone my writing skills so I can hopefully be an author/illustrator one day....lots of work. LOL

I think you're doing a great job and I love seeing your posts. They make my creative heart smile.