January 27, 2017

A Book From the Time of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are always something to wonder about.  For one thing, they're really BIG. But this particular Dino is very easy going and fun.

It's been interesting to recreate the classic art of Syd Hoff for these books about Danny and the Dinosaur. They seem to come from a simpler time... the time of Dinosaurs!


dinardo said...

Amazing recreation. I don't see any credit in the books with your name? is that true? I don't agree with that. Do they think they are fooling people that he is still alive?

John Nez said...

Thanks Jeff!
I haven't even seen the printed book yet.
I seem to recall there's a credit on the title page... but with licensed character work it's not that big a deal.

I did two of those Danny Books - fun character by Syd Hoff.