October 21, 2012

You've got to enjoy the process

It all boils down to that maxim about publishing which is - 'You've got to enjoy the process'. I have to say I don't much enjoy the process much of regular paper book publishing anymore. I don't have decades left to wait another year for one more rejection that 'we just did a book like this'. I've lost my appetite for that sort of thing.

But I very much DO enjoy the process of making ebook apps. It has revived my spirit and joy in making books for children. It's lots of fun and it's like instant gratification compared to the old wait, wait, wait for years, reject, revise and resubmit process.

Yesterday I illustrated a page with a UFO that carries my PB character away to Mars... before that I drew pages with a witch, a page with a troll under a bridge and a page with dinosaurs. All of them doing things, making challenging puzzles and generally having fun.

What's not to like?

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