March 23, 2011

An unexpected surprise...

An unexpected surprise arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon. What could it be? It was a lovely memento sent from Highlights to thank me for being one of their artists! As someone who never wins awards, it actually is very nice that someone appreciates my efforts.

After all the rejections, neglections, remainderings and bumps on this rocky road of publishing joy, this silver plaque is very well received. So THANKS!


June said...

Congratulations John. It is so nice that they showed their appreciation in this way.
Moments like this restore one's faith in the publishing business a little bit!

John Nez said...

Thanks... I think my faith continues to erode though.

My latest shocker was to find out last week that my Cromwell Dixon book has gone into remaindering. Gosh... that was quick. It never even made it into the chain stores. I guess no one cares about flying bicycles after all.

I guess I should have added a vampire slasher character or something to make it a best seller! lol!