March 25, 2011

Did this printer explode?

Did this printer explode? Or did I just print out a set of soft proofs?

In either event, it can be FUN to finally print out full sized proofs.

I guess for a digital artist the term 'proof' can be thought of as proof that the work actually does exist. That's saying something, I think, after spending weeks just fiddling around in the digital realm. In any case, it's fun to actually lay hands on some real art on paper after making it all on the computer.

I am just thrilled with the color fidelity of the prints I get from my Canon Pixma Pro9000. They look verily like the screen colors. I'm also just thrilled with refilling the cartridges myself for $1 a pop.

Thinking about the whole process of making books, I think aside from the magic of creating art from a blank page, I think a close second in realm of magic is the actual transformation of a book into a REAL object... printed on real paper.

I'm not sure that these ebooks can make the same claim.


June said...

Oh how exciting it is to see all those spreads overflowing your printer :)
I agree, there is nothing to compare with finally holding all the physical art in paper form, whether created traditionally, or digitally. Seeing it on paper IS satisfying after all the hard work of creating.

John Nez said...

Thanks June! And another benefit is that it's one last chance to change the files before burning them to CD. I found myself still changing things up till the very last minute before mailing off the package.

Now... just the 5 month wait to see the real book.


Jennifer Lee Young said...

Hi John,

I came across your blog through the kidlitosphere. Thanks for sharing your "behind the scenes" of writing/illustrating with us. I like the step by step of Evolution of a Cover. That processes always captures my attention. I'm looking forward to getting your books for my little ones very soon.


John Nez said...

Thanks Jennifer!

It's always fun to share how I make artwork. I'll have to update my step by steps because I use totally different techniques now.

I was even thinking of doing an ebook about making art with digital tools.