December 1, 2010

Drawing, Reading, Listening, Disconnecting

Drawing: Mooses, Swiss Misses, cowboys and horses.

Reading: In a moment of weakness I've gone back to Beverley Nichols, 'The Gift of a Home'. I'm also enjoying 'An Hour From Paris'. It's a travel guide book about all the overlooked places surrounding Paris. No doubt it's best just read, since I'll never actually get there in person.

Listening: Getting a bit addicted to WCPE. It's Ravel in the afternoon that really is difficult to resist. Of course Mozart in the morning is a given. Sunday afternoons are especially well programmed.

Watching: I was looking for Black Thursday and Cyber Monday sales... but didn't find anything. Ho hum.

Disconnecting: Cable TV. Good riddance! But getting the behemoth cable company to agree is like trying to convince a giant sea squid to let go. And being a giant behemoth corporation, they have incompetancy on their side. They also have the terrors of the 'phone tree'... a never ending maze of defeating number punching that comes with the guarantee that you won't leave any happier than you started.

I was truly amused though when the robot suggested at option #1 that I offer an assessment of their corporate 'service'.

First off, 'service' is the wrong word entirely. Abuse is a better description... in other words the question should read "How can we rate the faceless corporate abuse we have offered you?" Hmmm... monopolistic price gouging? Insanely complicated and misleading extra charges for spurious unknown items on the bill?

No, no... I'd get right down to brass tacks and ask how does our offering of corporate discomfort compare to say 'Jack the Ripper' or a gang of Blackbeard's pirates on a bad day at sea?

That'd be more like it. lol!


Celeste Goulding said...

I've been hearing several people expressing the desire to ditch cable tv lately!

John Nez said...

Once I discovered how much more choice you have watching TV on the internet, for free, it was easy to decide.

Now I can watch MSNBC (which I didn't have before). And I can watch just the segments that look interesting.

Oh, and my old TV broke down anyhow. I'm very interested in checking out a Roku. That looks interesting.


Jack Foster said...

Great post John. Scrolled through your blog NICE! Love the Christmas card! The textured snow is terrific!

Russ said...

I like the pictures in the post, but I like your comments on the cable companies even more. I'm thinking about dropping cable because it's getting ridiculous, I watch most of my TV on the internet anyways.

John Nez said...

Yes, I'd say the future of TV is streaming and the internet. I found that it's impossible to go back to waiting for ads and news that doesn't interest me, when I can pick and choose my own TV online.

Wade Brandis said...

Although I like the idea of watching TV shows online, I still prefer to watch TV shows on a TV set. I do have to deal with the commercials, but I have satellite TV at home with a DVR, and it makes it easy to skip past commercials on a recorded show. I don't always do that though as I like some commercials.

I do have an HDTV, but I watch standard definition programming and games on the old bulky sets. I'm currently using an old Quasar brand set from 1977, and it works well.