November 7, 2009

Technology - mixed up for monkeys!

Here in Seattle the perennial GLOOM has set in. After all that Denver sunshine, I'm ready to move! I think non-stop gloom is like a meteorological form of depression. Honestly, I don't know how people stand it sometimes.

Meanwhile... I spent the entire day yesterday trying to fix the scroll wheel on my wacom mouse. And failed miserably.

p.s. If you ever want to take apart your wacom mouse, you have to peel back the fabric on the base on the back end, what you will find there is a tiny screw. Just unscrew that and the rest pops off.

Or... if you're like me, you'll spend half the day trying to pry the top off with 4 screwdrivers, thinking, erroneously that it's held together by clips... (which is isn't).

Of course now that they've invented those USB cordless mice, it's easy to just plug one of those in to take the place of the wacom mouse.
The pen still works... no problem there. I hate how they've made the new wacom tablets so complicated. The Intuos 4 looks like it's got way too many bells & whistles. Or maybe it's just me...

Technology! It's a good mix for a monkey!


Christiane said...

Ha! I know about that screw cause on the cheap Wacom mouse it's visible (no cloth), mine used to make rattling noises so I gave it to someone with a screwdriver and had it back working in less than 2 min.!

pat said...

My wacom mouse no longer left clicks. The pen works fine, though. When you speak of the cordless usb mouse, will any cordless mouse work with the intuous?
And, very nice work, by the way. I found my way here through Connie McClennan's blog.
I didn't see a follow thing on this you have one here?

John Nez said...

Yes, as long as the computer is fairly recent, a wireless USB connected mouse will work anywhere... including on the wacom.