November 9, 2009

Got Fungi?

Check out this mushroom! One thing about all the rain around here is the profusion of sci-fi mushrooms that sprout up in the most unlikely places. This one took me by surprise! It looks like the poison candy-apple that the evil witch gave to Snow White.

Or these odd concoctions... that look like Granny's lace knickers (as a writer friend once so aptly remarked).

Most of the exotic fungi that appear around here are more amorphous, slimy, and less picturesque. They are very often green or orange and grow on in places under the porch.


Jennifer said...

Gorgeous mushrooms, and I read the reviews below and they were great! Congratulations!!

ashlyn said...

I have one of these "granny's lace knikkers" mushrooms in my yard right now. What is it really? I would like to learn more. Ashlyn

John Nez said...

No idea... they just pop up without name tags.

I like that link to the PT boats. I built a canoe once from a kit. It was lots of work.