September 12, 2009

Favorite New French Movie

Favorite new french movie: Angel-A . This movie goes directly to my favorite movie list. It's a bit like 'It's a Wonderful Life' (which I always think is the best movie ever made) meets 'Girl On a Bridge'. Only in this version the angel that comes to the rescue is a blonde in a mini-skirt. The theme of self-acceptance is wonderful. The black & white photography of the bridges of Paris is breathtaking. It's funny I never heard of it before. I just found it by chance at the library.

Favorite scientific irony: Odd then to think how science is spending billions on trying to discover whether or not there is life on Mars... when in fact life here on Earth is going extinct at the fastest rate ever. Scientists do love playing with their toys though... as do we all.

I am of the philosophy that even the tiniest insect probably contains more complexity than the physics of the entire galaxy. I know it might seem irrational, but that's what I think. Planets and suns and black holes are all just huge blobs of matter behaving under the laws of physics.

Yet that tiny inset has evolved over millions of years so that each part of it, the wings that are hinged and can fold to fly, the legs with equally complex legs and joints... the beating heart, the circulatory system, the senses... they all seem far more miraculous and inexplicable.

Latest remuddling accomplishment: Finished the screen door make-over. Not much of a learning curve... but learning to do the aluminum screen correctly was a bit tricky.

I think I'm getting near to done with remuddling. It has been a long, long summer of sanding, sawing, nailing, measuring, painting, plastering, grouting, plumbing... and many, many trips to the hardware store.


Anonymous said...

I am the Great nephew of Cromwell Dixon. His Sister, Lulu, lived with my family in the late fifties. I have many original photos of Cromwell, his mother Annie, and Lulu. I just read your book about Cromwell. It is outstanding. Accurate and extremly well illustrated. Thank you. My Grandmother tried all her life to get recognition for Cromwell. I wish she had lived to see this book. i will be ordering more as family gifts. Thanks again, Jeff Berry

John Nez said...

Wow! Thanks! That's amazing to hear from you, as a relative of Cromwell Dixon's.

I know there is another excellent book about Cromwell for grownups, titled 'Cromwell Dixon A Boy and His Plane' by Martin J. Kidston. It's written as a non-ficiton novel, and is very good. (it's easy to find on Amazon)

I tried writing Martin Kidston, as it seemed from his book that he must have known the family a little, but I never heard back. I know there is a campground in Montana named after Cromwell.

I agree that this story would make a terrific movie, but I haven't got the foggiest notion as to how to go about trying to have that done.

Do feel free to write me at

Thanks for posting...
John Nez