July 10, 2009

Progress & Perfectionism

I have decided that being a perfectionist artist probably makes doing carpentry twice as difficult as it otherwise might be. When things go wrong I just want to tear it up and start again... and believe me I've done that a few times in the course of this.

A glorious day indeed when the bathroom cabinet and lights on the wall were hooked up at last! Whew! Let me tell you, that took some doing... I'd estimate at least 60% of this makeover has been to construct this custom designed cabinet and put it all together.

The interior was especially challenging, having to match the existing dimensions to a new construction... and have it all fit together. Figuring out how to run an electric outlet down through the basement was a challenge. It's all about problem solving.

The front mirror doors are also finished, but they'll go on last.

Grinding grout - done.
Re-grouting the tiles - done.
Replacing 12 older tiles - done.
Realigning the heat register - done.

The template for the floor is underway. There's something magical about an empty space without anything in the room... sort of a 'zen' thing. The paper floor template was fun to do... think of it as collage.

I confess to being a self trained handyman. Necessity is the mother of invention after all. Mostly it's sheer stubbornness and bravado... forging ahead bravely. Almost everything I know about doing these projects I learned from TV shows and books.

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Sam said...

I'm QUITE impressed!